Article 13 – Legal Bases

A personal information handler can handle personal information of an individual only if one of the following circumstances exists:

  1. the individual’s consent has been obtained;
  2. the handling is necessary for the conclusion or performance of a contract in which the individual is a party, or necessary for human resources management in accordance with the labor rules and regulations established in accordance with the law and the collective contracts signed in accordance with the law; 
  3. the handling is necessary for the performance of statutory duties or obligations;
  4. the handling is necessary for the response to public health emergencies, or for the protection of life, health, and property safety of natural persons in emergencies;
  5. the personal information is reasonably handled for news reporting, media supervision, and other activities conducted in the public interest;
  6. the personal information disclosed by the individual himself or other legally disclosed personal information of the individual is reasonably handled in accordance with this Law; and 
  7. other circumstances as provided by laws or administrative regulations.

Individual consent shall be obtained for handling personal information if any other relevant provisions of this Law so provide, except under the circumstances specified in Subparagraphs (2) to (7) of the preceding paragraph.

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