Article 47 – Right to Delete

In any of the following circumstances, a personal information handler shall take the initiative to erase personal information, and an individual has the right to request the deletion of his personal information if the personal information handler fails to erase the information:

  1. the purposes of handling have been achieved or cannot be achieved, or such information is no longer necessary for achieving the purposes of handling;
  2. the personal information handler ceases to provide products or services, or the storage period has expired;
  3. the individual withdraws his consent;
  4. the personal information handler handles personal information in violation of laws, administrative regulations, or agreements; or
  5. other circumstances as provided by laws and administrative regulations.

Where the storage period provided by any law or administrative regulation has not expired, or it is difficult to erase personal information technically, the personal information handler shall cease the handling of personal information other than storing and taking necessary security protection measures for such information.

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