Article 17 – Notice before Handling

A personal information handler shall, before handling personal information, truthfully, accurately and fully inform an individual of the following matters in an easy-to-notice manner and in clear and easy-to-understand language:

  1. the name and contact information of the personal information handler;
  2. the purposes and means of personal information handling, and the categories and storage periods of the personal information to be handled;
  3. the methods and procedures for the individual to exercise his rights as provided in this Law; and
  4. other matters that the individual should be notified of as provided by laws and administrative regulations.

Where any matter as set forth in the preceding paragraph changes, the individual shall be informed of the change.

Where the personal information handler informs an individual of the matters specified in the first paragraph by formulating personal information handling rules, the handling rules shall be made public and be easy to consult and save.

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